Kids birthday interview questionnaire: FREE printable form!

Kids Birthday Questionnaire - Free Printable

I keep track of the funny things my daughter says, but like many moms, I don’t note other details as often as I probably should.

When she turned three in April, I knew it was the perfect time to begin a new tradition that would allow me to shed some of that mom guilt about not journaling every detail of her life. I saw this “birthday questionnaire” idea years ago before she was even born, tucked it away, and since then, I’ve seen it on other blogs executed in a variety of ways.

Some do it on birthdays, some make a record on the first or last day of school, sometimes the answers are coupled with a photo. I don’t scrapbook, so a one-page interview I could slip into her (incomplete!) baby book seemed like the easiest solution for me.

I had her answer the questions in the days surrounding her birthday, but I’m just now getting around to completing the design and printing it out.

Kids Birthday Questionnaire - Free Printable

She might be a bit confused about what the word “vacation” means…

I designed my own set of questions based on a few different sets I found online. At age three, she didn’t answer some of them. If I had extra info, I made notes in parenthesis, but for a couple, I just left them blank so we could compare to future interviews.

But I didn’t just make this form for myself… I’m sharing it with you as a free printable!

Update 01/14/2015: Sorry, Mac users. Due to the the way that Adobe Acrobat displays fonts in PDF form fields on Macs, this file won’t work properly on your computer. Wish I could fix it, but it’s an issue with Acrobat itself. Boo.

Download pink/yellow birthday interview questionnaire (PDF)
Download blue/green birthday interview questionnaire (PDF)

Click on the link above, then save the file to your computer. (You won’t be able to customize the form within your web browser.)

Enter your child’s name, type in their responses to the questions and print! Or you can enter your child’s name, print it, and write your answers in by hand.

Kids Birthday Questionnaire - Free Printable

Alternatively, if you’re a Photoshop superstar, you can save the PDF as a jpg and type on top of it. (But if you’re a Photoshop superstar, I’m not sure what you need me for!)

Kids Birthday Questionnaire - Free Printable

I made a “girl” form and a “boy” form, but they are still both somewhat neutral enough that you could use either one for either gender.

I tried to make the top of the form flexible enough to accommodate long names, but you can complete it in a number of ways. See my examples below!

Kids Birthday Questionnaire - Free Printable
Kids Birthday Questionnaire - Free Printable

Kids Birthday Questionnaire - Free Printable

Kids Birthday Questionnaire - Free Printable

Please let me know if the forms aren’t performing as they should! I tested them pretty rigorously, but I definitely want to know of issues you may experience.

Kids Birthday Questionnaire - Free Printable


    • Anonymous says

      I’m having the same problem. It’s on the green form. It cuts off the top of capital and “tall” lower case letters, such as “d”.

    • says

      Sorry, I can’t seem to recreate the problem you are having!

      In the printer options in Adobe Acrobat, try changing the “Page Scaling” option to “Fit to Printable Area” and see if that works.

      Other than that, I guess just make sure your printer is loading the paper correctly. Sometimes when I print on card stock or thicker paper, my printer hesitates when it sucks the paper in and everything gets out of alignment.

  1. says

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate you sharing your files – made it easy to do and I completed my daughters today. Now I can just pull this up each year (and for each kid) and I am going to keep them in a book with a photo of that year… it will be a great keepsake – and I love all the funny things they say. Thanks again.

    • says

      Sorry it isn’t working for you! I’ve tried to re-create this error myself, but can’t get it to cut off in the way that you are describing.

      I would suggest making sure you’re using an up to date version of Adobe Acrobat and printing with a “fit to page” option.

  2. Carys says

    Hi, I love this and really want to use it for my son but I am from the Uk and we have different spellings and words e.g colour not color, favourite not favorite and we say Holiday rather than vacation. Is there any way you could make a UK version?
    Pretty please 😀

    • says

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’d love to make a UK version at some point.

      If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (not just the reader), you should be able to make all the changes you want to the text by editing the form fields.


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