Twin quilt progress report: Assembling the quilt top

I’m making good progress on the twin-size quilt I’m making for Elise. The quilt top is complete!
I’m trying to keep close track of the time I’m spending on it. (You know, just for fun.) It’s easy to say quilting is time consuming, and it is, but I wouldn’t want that statement alone to be daunting to anyone. It’s completely possible to work an hour or so a day and have a finished quilt in a month. (Much less if you have larger pieces or are making a small quilt.)


That said, it took me about six hours to put this quilt top together. I worked for about an hour at a time, first piecing together the patchwork rows. With my six-inch squares, I made pairs, then quartets, and then I pieced the three quartets together to make a row of 12 squares. In my experience, this process is about equal parts ironing, pinning and sewing.

After I had my patchwork rows finished, I sewed a solid white strip beneath all but the last row. And then I pieced those rows together in pairs, then quartets, then all together.

And then I was done! I showed it to Elise, who didn’t seem to care much, but I’m not taking it personally. Yet.

Total time spent so far: About 9-10 hours.
Next step: assembling the quilt back.


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