You make me smile: Toothbrush valentines

Now before you go calling me the Grinch of Valentine’s Day or something equally horrific, I will note that these valentines are for little kids.

Two facts:

  1. Most little kids like Yo Gabba Gabba almost more than sweets, and
  2. I have never, ever heard a mom say that their kid wasn’t getting enough sugar. They will get it one way or another, I’m sure, but I don’t need to be the supplier.

That said, aren’t these cute? I found these toothbrushes on clearance at CVS and packaged them up in cello treat bags from Target’s dollar section. I printed a simple topper on card stock (after googling for an appropriate corny phrase) and stapled it on. Quick, cheap, easy!

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  1. says

    Yesterday I was brainstorming mailable, non-sugary valentines to send my nieces–both under 5 years old. This takes the cake! Time for me to find some fun toothbrushes for them!


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