Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You make me smile: Toothbrush valentines

Now before you go calling me the Grinch of Valentine's Day or something equally horrific, I will note that these valentines are for little kids.

Two facts:

  1. Most little kids like Yo Gabba Gabba almost more than sweets, and
  2. I have never, ever heard a mom say that their kid wasn't getting enough sugar. They will get it one way or another, I'm sure, but I don't need to be the supplier.

That said, aren't these cute? I found these toothbrushes on clearance at CVS and packaged them up in cello treat bags from Target's dollar section. I printed a simple topper on card stock (after googling for an appropriate corny phrase) and stapled it on. Quick, cheap, easy!

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  1. Yesterday I was brainstorming mailable, non-sugary valentines to send my nieces--both under 5 years old. This takes the cake! Time for me to find some fun toothbrushes for them!

    1. Yes! Fun! (But I'm pretty sure they would love getting anything in the mail!)

  2. Are you one of those houses that give out toothbrushes for Halloween, too? ;)

    1. Maybe I would if we actually got trick or treaters. The last time we gave out candy, we got three kids. :/


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