Monday, January 25, 2010

Adventures in back-painting

I'm trying to get a jumpstart on making some artwork for the new bathroom. My thoughts are if I have the artwork ready, I can decorate in approximately 32 seconds once it is finally done.

I wanted to give back-painting glass a try. I haven't painted anything with this level of detail in quite a long time. I'm hoping my shaky hand reads more "charming" than "out of practice."

Some weird feathering occured with the white paint, though I don't think it goes against this vintage-looking design so I'm labeling it an acceptable accident.


If you can trace with a paintbrush, you can do this. I followed this great tutorial, but also have a couple of tips.
  • Load on the paint thick. Better that you don't have to give it more than one coat. The painted surface isn't going to show, so it doesn't matter if it's uneven.
  • Paint quickly so the lines avoid looking overworked.
  • Remember: this isn't a die-cut vinyl graphic and it's not a print from a laser printer. It's handmade and there will be imperfections. If you accept this, the process will be much easier.
Side note: second H in two posts!

P.S. The frame graphic I found here and modified to fit my dimensions. The font I used is called Tropicana.

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  1. Uhm, you completely rocked this project!! What a fantastic wall hanging on a gorgeous colored wall!! Thanks linking to my little label designs!


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