Collected updates: Etsy shop, bathroom remodel, stairway demo

Whoops, didn’t mean to disappear like that. I was going to post the week of Thanksgiving, but it just seemed so trivial and insulting to be talking about inconsequential whatever when our city of St. Louis is so broken. Things feel less raw now, so I’m back with an update post.

Holidays in my Etsy shop

Holidays in my Etsy shop

I got my secret wish of not being accepted to the one craft show I applied for. Don’t get me wrong, the rejection stung, and I started to doubt whether I should have even been accepted last year (or if they were just being nice). But after a couple of days of feeling bad about it, I regrouped and rededicated myself to the season of holiday selling on Etsy. And it’s going great. Really great. In the last 30 days, I’ve had 100+ sales. (It took me nine months to get my first 100 sales.) Feeling good.

Been eyeing something in my shop? Place your orders by December 15 to ensure enough time for delivery before Christmas.


Upstairs bath remodel

We’re slowly getting a start on working on our gutted bathroom upstairs. Finally. After an entire year of it sitting idle. I was thinking about using this vintage pedestal sink that has been sitting in my grandparents’ basement for 30 years, but no go. There were some problems with the finish and a few nicks. It was never going to look new or shiny. I think bringing a vintage piece like this into a new house can bring a lot of character. But in an old house like ours, it just looks old. Plus in a bathroom without a closet, I’m thinking we probably could use a vanity for storage.

My dad has started putting the room back together, but in an old house, it’s never a quick job. Crooked walls. Crooked floors. Maybe it will be done by 2016. I will have more to say about this soon, I’m sure.

Official Door to Nowhere

Door to nowhere

We are finally rid of a very rotten and junky set of stairs on the backside of our house. To call it a “deck” would be too generous. They were semi-functional, but definitely not in the best condition (rotting, nails popping, not built properly).

My dad tore it off, and then we discovered some unfortunate structural problems in the house I won’t go into right now because honestly, we don’t really know the extent of the issue. Rotten wood needs to be replaced. I’m not sure how we are going to fix it. Bleh old house, you got us again. Stuck in the middle, waiting for spring, I guess. Will someone remind me why I like this house?

Now we have an official Door to Nowhere  for a while. I know you’re jealous.

We wanted to get a new deck built this past summer, but had a terrible time trying to get contractors to call us back. I really don’t understand why people don’t want our money, or how one can stay in business not returning people’s phone calls. But whatever. It’s on hold until next February/March, and I have resolved to make a thousand phone calls to make it happen.

This storm door was totally worth it.

Arch top storm door

We finally got our storm door! Years ago, I thought we would never bother with one. Firstly, I didn’t want to “cover up” our pretty wood door. And secondly, I knew the unusual arch top shape would cost a small fortune.

But after my refinishing job was destroyed in under three years, it had become obvious the door needed some protection from the weather, no matter the cost, or the wood wouldn’t last. So we sucked it up, found a great local company, and ordered the door. We lucked out and hit a sale, but the price was still way more than our monthly mortgage payment. (Yeah, let that sink in just a little.)

Everyone's a fan of the new storm door
That said, I really didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. Totally worth the money spent, if not for the eventual savings in heating and cooling costs, then definitely in the “quality of life” column. It dampens the traffic noise, blocks drafts, and all the sunlight really transforms our living room during the day. The room has such a different feeling now. Light and bright.

Jolly Holiday: DIY Mary Poppins costumes

Mary Poppins Halloween costumes

My girls are obsessed with Mary Poppins. More than Frozen. More than any other show or movie. “Cream of the crop, tip of the top, it’s Mary Poppins and there we stop!”  This made Halloween costumes an easy decision around here this year. Initially, I was going to dress Etta like Bert the chimney sweep, but what little girl wants to be Bert? Two Marys are better than one, anyway.

Mary Poppins costumes

I took a couple of Dan’s old t-shirts from the donate pile and cut them off below the arms to make simple elastic-waisted skirts. It worked extremely well, and of course, it didn’t cost anything but time. For Elise, I took a women’s blazer I found at Goodwill for practically nothing and did a hack sewing job, taking in the sides and shortening the sleeves. Definitely some pretty horrifying stitches, but it worked. Etta’s jacket was a fleece coat we already had. I just rolled up the too-long sleeves.

Etta’s hat was from Goodwill and originally looked like a watermelon (um, yeah), so I painted it black before decorating them both with flowers and berries from the craft store. Elise’s bag was also a Goodwill find. Not a true carpetbag, but the size was manageable for her to carry around all night.

I was wondering if anyone would realize who they were supposed to be. After all, the movie is 50+ years old. But a lot of people recognized Mary right away (and I think the hat with the wonky flower in particular), which was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

DIY Mary Poppins costumes

Painting the front door frame


A couple of posts back, I mentioned that we’re getting a storm door. It’s an arch-top door, and will likely be a trickier-than-normal installation, so we’re leaving it to the professionals.

But before it’s installed, I needed to repaint the door frame. I am a little sad to lose the yellow, but only about an inch of it would peek out beyond the frame of the storm door. And that would probably look pretty stupid.


I chose a pretty aged bronze for the door, and found a very close match in Valspar’s Fired Earth. It really does look metallic in a semi-gloss finish, but without that glittery sheen that they put in spray paint.


I kind of love the new sophisticated look the house is sporting. And at less than an hour per coat, this is a small project with a big impact.


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FREE printables: Baby birth stats wall art

Free Printable Baby Birth Stats Wall Art

They are out of my Etsy shop and free for download! I’ve been prepping my shop for the upcoming holiday season, and these really didn’t seem to fit with my other items anymore. It doesn’t make sense for them just to go to waste, sitting inside my computer, so I’m giving them to you!

These are fully customizable prints that you can create yourself and print at home. All of the words and numbers can be personalized. If you don’t like the specific language I used, you can change it! The fonts and font sizes are locked in place; it’s impossible to mess this up.

If you’ve downloaded my kids birthday interview sheet or my handwriting worksheet, you are probably familiar with the format. You just type directly into the fillable PDF file and print.

They print in black ink on your choice of 8.5″ x 11″ paper. The printed area fits within an 8” x 10” mat or frame opening.

I have four different designs available. Click on a design below and save to your computer before customizing the print.
For personal use only, please.

Printable birth stats wall art Printable birth stats wall art
Printable birth stats wall art Printable birth stats wall art

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